From cosy coats to brightly shining party dresses – DIANA ARNO AW17/18 straight from the runway.

Celebrating the season full of contrasts, our new Autumn/Winter collection recreates the unique and beautiful atmosphere of 70s. Carefree comfort meets sophisticated textures and sequins fill the night with shine and glitz. With street style stars – tiny sunglasses, massive boots and vinyl collars, we dress the whole collection down and add some urban attitude to our soft fuzzy coats and glam evening gowns.

Discover our AW 17/18 presented at Tallinn Fashion Week:


The forward-facing essentials of a wardrobe are here to charm you when rainy autumn
will hit the town.

Are you ready to start the new post-vacation season switching your favourite cold-shoulder
dresses for something glass-walled office appropriate? DIANA ARNO AW 2017/2018 is the
most versatile layering solution inspired by the urban jungle.

We don’t call the items from our newest collection investment pieces for no reason. The
woollen coats, elegant office suits, minimalist and bohemian day-to- night dresses make a
richly diverse visual feast to meet all your needs. “I always get inspired by everything that
surrounds me: great movies, music, art, culture and travelling,” says the designer of our
brand Diana. “Thinking about the autumn-winter collection, I wanted to embrace the beauty
of the 70s: sophisticated textures, laconic silhouettes, the contrasts between saturated and
muted colours.

All of that creates the unique atmosphere of bohemian lifestyle and
freedom. The colour-palette we use this season is taken from the natural scenery: dark
stones and soil combined with bright colours of autumn foliage and harvest.” This season
we decided to keep our signature glitz and romance adding it a more modern feel with an
urban attitude.


Painted elephants, mysterious temples, golden forts, holy cows and colourful children –
our girl, the editor-in- chief of Iluguru magazine Kristiina Virt discovers the beauties of
India all dressed in DIANA ARNO.

India is an enigma to any city-girl. It’s overwhelming culture, traditions and the indescribable
contrasts between the unwitnessed poverty and royal luxury that will almost put you into a
trance without any need for meditation. “I never dreamed of visiting India,” says Kristiina. “I
always thought I would never fit a place where my hippie-minded friends found themselves
being so happy and natural. And they came back in their baggy tie-dye trousers with stories
that reminded of documentary movies and cameras full of incredible pictures and videos. I
wasn’t sure I had the stomach for such an adventure, but curiosity won – immersing yourself
in a different culture can be quite a creative catalyst.”

To escape the civilisation, see one of the seven wonders of the world and maybe buy a magic
flying carpet, she headed to the airport with a backpack stuffed with shorts, hopes and
beautiful dresses to the land of gods and belly dances. “The miracles started as soon as we
landed in New Delhi and dived into the noisy, polluted chaos with crazy traffic, women
wearing saris and cows literally walking down the streets. All of my thoughts about peace
and unity with nature vanished immediately, but all too soon, right after I started actually
loving the atmosphere filled with happy colours and strong smell of curry, we were off to
Agra to see the magical Taj Mahal. When after a long car ride, we were finally there, I felt
like I was having a lesson in geometry taught by the architectural marble floors and richly
decorated walls. Next stop: Jaipur, the capital of Rajastan known for two things girls love
most: palaces and jewels. No wonder I fell in love with its beautiful views immediately! One
month in India passed as a ride on a cultural merry-go- round taking us from one place to
another. Did I start understanding India? No, and nor did I buy any pair of Aladdin pants. But
all I can dream about is to get there back as soon as possible!”

Read the full story here: kais-indias- otsisin-seiklusi- kuid-
leidsin-midagi- palju-enamat/

Photos by Dmitry Knut

Spring is in the air and new trends are blooming at Tallinn Fashion Week. “I think this is the time when every woman wants to look extra beautiful,” says Diana during the interview. “With our collection I would like to celebrate that stunning femininity that lives in every woman’s heart. So this season we decided to go for sweet colours and flowers – the true servants of love.”