DIANA ARNO releases a fascinating and seriously nerve-racking fashion thriller

A fashion movie that hit the screen at TFW was an unforgettable and thrilling introduction to DIANA ARNO AW 2016/2017 show.

The main heroine is trapped in the world of fashion and technologies: always ringing mobile phones and masculine trends society forces her to follow. So, she decides to escape, run away from her softer side…

It’s night. She runs into the darkness, but it seems like someone or something is following her. Or maybe it’s her personality, she is trying to leave behind? At the end of the video she receives a mystical call, she steps into the phone booth and picks up the phone. A hypnotizing sweet voice promises to lead her to a better world where she wouldn’t have to make compromises. The video carries the message of the whole collection: you can be strong and independent, yet there is always some space for sentimental moments and feminine details.