RUNWAY REPORT: feminine silhouettes and romantic details against aggressive military style and futuristic elements

DIANA ARNO welcomes her TFW guests with a powerful fashion army that wrecks the fashion stereotypes into tiny shreds.

A businesswoman, a politician or a housewife – there are tons of missions on the shoulders of a modern woman. Living in a man’s world, we have to be fearless fighters and hide our fragile souls behind the masculine outfits. This has lifted the minimalist silhouettes and aggressive way of styling to the heavens.

Dressing ourselves into strong soldiers, we tend to forget what it means to be a woman. The collection we presented during the TFW is full of unexpected contrasts that give every woman a chance to be herself, strong and powerful, yet gentle and womanly.

The new collection by DIANA ARNO is a fashion symphony that in opposition to luxurious furs, ruffles and romantic details offers a range of futuristic elements and military inspired pieces. What’s inappropriate becomes indispensable. Forget the old-fashioned stereotypes, create your own world, fight, achieve and inspire!