Diana Arno is starring on the cover of Iluguru magazine

“She is a successful fashion designer, a mother and a true style icon,” describes Iluguru. The designer of our fashion house Diana speaks about her life in Moscow and shares some style tips of her own.

Photos: Dmitry Knut
Hair: Ksenia Rassadkina
Makeup: Lidija Malinovskaja
Style: Dmitry Knut, Kristiina Virt

-What is the biggest lesson your life has taught you?
You can never rely on miracles or just sit waiting for your dreams to come true. I believe every opportunity that life offers is perfect, so you need to take risks and try things out. But you have to act now and never wait for tomorrow to come. Yes, you can take offence at your destiny, be unhappy and wait for someone to cheer you up, though I believe dealing with your problems face to face would be so much more effective!

-What is your personal fashion recipe?
I love to wear casual on a daily basis, but I also love to experiment and mix and match as much as possible. I also love midi skirts – these are my passion that is always reflected in our collections, and vintage stores that have a magical atmosphere and many chic, timeless pieces. I believe in the power of accessories, they have the ability to change every basic item into something unique and totally desirable.

-If a little black dress was not invented, what would be your alternative?
A little red dress, I suppose.

You can read the whole interview HERE.