Composition: liquid digital gold

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It is a way to try on the loved outfits from the comfort of your home and wear clothes so exclusive, you would never dare to wear in the real life. Created by using computer technologies and 3D software instead of scissors and textiles, digital fashion is a visual representation of clothing that unites the real and the digital worlds.

Did you know that every 10th purchase today is made only for the sake of content which leads to overproducing and leaves a negative impact on the environment? We love this 100% sustainable content-creating fashion game where you can play with your looks or purchase a very special 3D gown as a present to your loved one(s). Supporting the philosophy of sustainability, we are happy to combine fashion, creativity and technologies to offer a virtual try-on service that allows our customers to “wear” 3D looks in their pictures.
It is the time to inspire, get inspired and own as many digital looks as you wish with 0 harm to our planet. Welcome aboard!

1) Simply add the desired look to your cart.
2) In case this is the only product that you wish to purchase at the moment, choose Rotermanni 14, Tallinn 10111, Estonia as your shipping address. Complete the payment.
3) When you receive your order confirmation, forward it to our team via email: orders@dianaarno.com.
IMPORTANT! Attach the picture of your choice where you would love to see yourself in a purchased look and we will do the rest of the job!

Requirements for the picture:
*high-quality image (.jpg, .png, .tiff)
*good lightening
*preferably a photo where you are wearing some figure-skimming clothes like a miniskirt, shorts, etc.