Spring / Summer 2017

If dreaming makes you happy – never stop doing it. Our new ready-to-wear collection erases the borders between daydreaming and reality. “I think spring is the time when every woman wants to look extra beautiful,” says Diana in her latest interview. “With our collection I would like to celebrate that stunning femininity that lives in every woman’s heart. So, this season we decided to go with sweet colours and flowers – the true servants of love.”

Sophisticated elegance unites with girly naivety, but in between of playful ruffles you’ll also find some minimalist designs that will keep your feet on the ground while your head will be looking up at the stars. Timelessly elegant coats, jumpsuits and suits will give you the power for new achievements. This collection is full of sugary pastels: baby pink, sky blue, lavender and refreshing mint. Now we are all about cute ruffles, lace and flowers.