„While trends come and go, great designs stay with you forever.”
-Diana Arno

DIANA ARNO clothes are the tools for self-expression you have been searching for so long. They combine memories from the past, surprise with a fresh approach and widen the borders of your individuality. Are you a dreamer or achiever – our designs are made to reflect your mood in the most elegant and feminine way.


DIANA ARNO’s collections are dedicated to all the beautiful women around us. They work hard, but never forget to have fun, explore the world, take their time to enjoy a great book, visit theatre, to daydream while having their morning coffees… Every single item by DIANA ARNO is made to take you where you want to be, to make an ordinary day special and unforgettable. Elegant and timeless silhouettes meet romantic ruffles and sensual lace, minimalistic shapes are completed with fascinating details.
We believe that nothing is impossible, if you dream about it – dress for it!


For our designs, we always use premium quality fabrics from natural fibers like silk, cashmere, wool, linen and cotton. Those let your body breath and last in beautiful shape for years which make them not just a piece of fashion, but also a great investment.

*All collections are designed and produced in Europe.